5 Ways to use Patco Pharma’s empty capsules to differentiate Your Product

Trust is key to any B2B alliance. In the pharmaceutical industry, this is really important: as healthcare companies, the wellness of your end customers is the only goal, so every organization has to rely 100% on the capabilities of its B2B partners to manufacture the best products. This is why technical service is key in every alliance, especially when it comes to capsule manufacturers.

Here’s a fast test: Do your clients recollect what your item resembles? Or then again, put another way if your containers are sitting in a “week by week pill coordinator” with five other case items, can your clients effectively distinguish which is your item?

In the event that your response to both of these inquiries is “no,” you have an item separation issue. This can make it harder to fabricate brand reliability with your objective market or accomplish undeniable degrees of patient consistency.

1. Choose memorable capsule colors

Capsule tones are typically the most promptly unmistakable component of your item. In that capacity, they can make an amazing   relationship between your item, your image and your image esteem.

Our suggestion is that you pick your case tones carefully. Studies have shown that a medication’s shading will impact a patient’s impression of its attractive quality and capacity. For instance, a calming tone is viewed as more alluring for a medicine that is intended to sooth somehow or another, for example, a tranquilizer or heartburn treatment.

Patco Pharmaceuticals are accessible in a wide range of standard and modified shadings. All are completely agreeable with FDA, FSSAI, cGMP and Halal guidelines. This implies that you can;
  • Use pantone matching to match your brand color 
  • Pick 2 Tone – one for the cap one for the body
  • Select colored banding that stands out from the cap and body colors

2. Apply unique capsule finishes