About Us

%Gelatin & Vegetarian Capsules %HDPE Bottles

Patco Pharma is a company that exists to satisfy clients’ every desire in the provision of pharma raw materials. Since its inception in 2015, Patco Pharma has provided the best of services to the pharmaceutical industry, with excellent delivery time and professional efficiency. 

Our aim is to bring a technologically-assisted transformation to the pharmaceutical world and satisfy all requirements with the capsules and containers that we deliver. At Patco Pharma, we consider everyone. The final consumer’s beliefs are important, and they need not go against their core values even when taking medication.

As a supply company, Patco Pharma always delivers and is popular for supplying high-quality products and prompt distribution. We supply products from our manufacturers in India as well as imported ones. 

We believe that health and well-being are necessary comforts for everyone, and we bring this idea to reality with our products.

Patco Pharma also manufactures HDPE bottles of the best grade in different sizes to contain pharmaceutical pills and keep them dry, fresh, and effective.

Vision Statement

PATCO PHARMA has a vision to bring satisfaction to every client with excellent and unique empty capsule production. PATCO PHARMA aims at

  • Becoming the chief source of the best bovine hard gelatin capsules, worldwide
  • Delivering empty capsules to clients as and when due, with excellent service provision and exceeding the client’s expectations
  • Meeting specific client needs in terms of capsule color, size, and taste
  • Respecting patients’ beliefs and choices, such as vegan and halal
  • Investing in new pharmaceutical breakthroughs and research work to enhance the course of science
  • Providing top standard high-density polyethylene bottles for drug preservation and durability

Mission Statement

The pharmaceutical world is ever-evolving, and with research comes better findings and inventions. Therefore, PATCO PHARMA has a mission to constantly grow through the ever-changing trends in the pharmaceutical industry. Our company aims to introduce partnering companies to new innovations and find better compositions of empty capsules that are more beneficial to drug-producing companies and patients. PATCO PHARMA aims at bringing all the clients’ dreams of empty capsule specifications to life. This requires distinction in:

  • Understanding the customer’s needs and effecting them to perfection
  • Provision of empty capsules that meet Internationally benchmarked quality and regulatory system standard and sets us apart from all other capsule supply companies
  • Supplying pharmaceutical companies with top-notch high-density polyethylene bottles for drug preservation and prolonged drug shelf lif
  • Creating an unbreakable bond of integrity and trust with customers, making customers family
  • Spreading the fame of the pharmaceutical world to all nooks and crannies of the world, interlacing the world with excellent pharmaceutical products
  • Revising and improving on old trends to make room for new innovations

Only the Best

We supply all sizes of 100% bovine hard gelatin capsules that you may need for medicines, innovative shells, dietary supplements, or modern health products. We also have 100% plant-derived HPMC capsules in ready stock for our esteemed clientele. The gelatin variant comes in sizes from 000 to 5, while the HPMC variant comes in sizes 000, 00, 0, 2, and 3. The color availability is dependent on the readily available stock, and because we do not want to disappoint our clientele, Patco Pharma almost always has your exact requirement. Our HDPE bottles are completely waterproof, airtight, and made from the best quality high-density polyethylene.

One thing you can be very sure of is that in any form consumers take your medicines or dietary supplements, all the hard capsules and containers that we supply have the same attribute in common – they are excellent and second to none. Patco Pharma prides itself on excellence, efficiency, and quality service. For this reason, we always fulfill the highest client desire in the supply and delivery of raw materials down to color and quality specifications.