Drugs, being chemicals need to be contained, transported, and sold in durable materials which can keep the drugs safe to consume. High-density polyethylene bottles are the best to contain drugs in tablet or capsule form because they are versatile, durable, and renowned for their chemical resistance.

Their applicability in the pharmaceutical industry is most integral as they ward off moisture, have rigidity, and can weather all sorts of conditions from heat to freezing temperatures. All our products are food-grade, Pharma grade, moisture resistant, durable, and most importantly, they keep the drugs safe and secure.

We are cognizant of the fact that for carrying medicines which are to be consumed by humans, our clients need the best quality containers. For our clients, we supply HDPE Bottles and PET bottles which are best in class in the Pharmaceutical industry since 2015 with perfect quality of products timely delivery to our clients. We offer services and shipping of products Pan India and worldwide.


Our HDPE bottles are designed with an understanding of the requirements for high-quality pharma-grade packaging, and we bulk supply within India and around the world. You can rest assured that our HDPE bottles are leak-proof, come with child-proof caps and are absolutely safe for pharmaceutical use.

Our HDPE blow moulding machine and all Our dyes are newly developed and provide a well matte finish. We deliver standard and customized designs to our clients regularly. We can customize for the latest design or any modification required.

We have readymade colours available, along with white and black with flip-top cap, screw cap, and CRC cap.

Range: We have ranges from 30cc to 200cc



Our PET bottles are manufactured in automatic PET machines with the latest design and cutting edge technology. We are proud of the top quality products we deliver which are accepted, recognised and sought after worldwide.

Our after-sales service to our clients is parallel to none. We have a wide range of different colours, regular colour transparent, amber and black.  We have the flip-top cap, screw cap and CRC cap. Our machine capacity is up to 5 litres bottle capacity

We more than welcome client’s suggestions, customisations and modifications based on their requirements.

Range: Our product Ranges from 60cc – 200cc

Plastic Containers Requirement

We also make HDPE/PET bottles of various sizes and can mass-produce them to meet your demand and specifications.