Multifunctional Handheld Inkjet Printing Machine | Date Number | Logo Expiry Date | Label Coding Machine with LED Screen: Model: 1530

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Main features: Aluminum body, color touch screen.

Machine size: L 130mm x W 60mm x H 235mm

Spray printing direction: 360 degree all-round inkjet printing, no matter it is forward, up or down angle arbitrary printing. It can meet all kinds of production needs.

Spray printing font library: built in GB full font library, Pinyin input method, touchline editing, no need to connect computer, easy to operate.

Ink jet printing font: high definition ink jet printing font dot matrix font, built-in variety of Chinese and English fonts.

Spray printing graphics: it can spray various trademark patterns, graphics can be imported through USB drive.

Spray printing accuracy: 600dpi (high definition)

Spray printing line number: 1 to 8 lines adjustable.

Printing height: 2 mm-12.7 mm (different models, different maximum printing height).

Spray printing code: bar code, two-dimensional bar code, variable two-dimensional code, one thing one code


Spray printing distance : 2mm~10mm(distance from the nozzle to the object to be sprayed) 2mm- 5mm spray printing effect is the best.

Serialnumber:1- 8 variable sequence number. 

Power parameter : dc16.8v.

Automatic spray printing : date, time, batch number, shift, serial number, etc. (it can change with the time of the day).

Storage information : the system can store more than 2000 large amounts of information(the information can be saved and transferred out by inserting a USB flash disk).

Message length : each message is printed with more than 2000 fonts, with unlimited length. 

Jet printing speed : up to 80 m /min.

Use ink : quick drying environmental protection ink, water-based ink, oil based ink. 

Ink color : black, red, blue, yellow, green, white, invisible quick drying.

Ink cartridge capacity : 42ml, a box of ink can print 20 million characters (2mm). 

External interface : USB, photo electric interface.

Control panel : intelligent touchscreen, support multiple languages with input method.

Ambient temperature : 0°C~45°C; humidity : 40%~60%.

Spray printing materials : carton, stone, MDF, keel, pipe, metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, etc.    

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