Electromagnetic Induction Wad Sealing Machine used for plastic container pet jar hdpe bottle and glass jar cap sealing/Aluminum Foil Cup Sealing

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Electromagnetic Induction wad sealing machine

Induction Wad/Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Patco DCGY-F200 full-smart desktop handheld electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine adopts the principle of electromagnetic field induction heating: using high-frequency current to generate a magnetic field through an inductance wire. When the magnetic line of force passes through the sealing aluminum foil material, a large number of small eddy currents are generated instantly, which makes the aluminum foil heat up at a high speed, melts the sol compounded on the aluminum foil, and then sticks to the aluminum foil. Bottle (cup) sealing material. Catchy, to achieve the purpose of fast sealing.

Note: This machine cannot be used for metal bottle caps, bottle bodies and sharp-necked bottle caps, and is not suitable for vacuum aluminized film.

Panel description

wad sealing machine

Portable Induction sealer operation

wad machine 

Step 1

1.Plug in the power.

2.Turn on the power switch.

3.When the indicator light is on, it means

the machine is running


wad machine Step 2

1.Choose the appropriate power according to the diameter of the bottle.

2.According to the thickness of the aluminum foil to choose suitable powder level

3.The thicker the aluminum foil film, the longer the sealing time.

wad machine 

Step 3

1.Put the composite aluminum foil into the bottle cap, the aluminum foil face outwards, and tighten the bottle cap.

2.Put the bottle in the middle of the induction head.

3.Press the red button switch.

4.Start sealing, when the sealing time is zero, the sealing is completed. 

(Don't press the red button for a long time, otherwise the circuit board is easily damaged)


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