Manual Capsule Counter Count Board/Tray For Size 00 Capsule (60 Holes Capsule Counter)

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Size: Size 00 Capsule 60 holes


Are you still worried about capsule counting?

Why not choose a capsule counter?

The PATCO - Manual Capsule Counter is the most suitable counting tool. Designed according to the shape of capsule, the counting is fast and accurate. What's more, it is sanitary due to avoiding touch on capsules. We have 30 Holes Capsule counter for size 0 & 00 also we have 60 Holes Capsule Counter for size 0 & 00.


Manual Capsule Counter Features  

·Customized holes and hole number.  

·Adopt buffer intact design.  

·Speed up to 20%   

·Materials are imported acrylic


It could be a backup solution for automatic pill counting machines.


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