Manual Empty Capsule Filling Machine – 100 Holes (Size 000-1400 mg Powder Filling)


✅ Suitable for size 000 Empty capsules can filled up to 1400 mg.
✅ Fills 100 Empty capsules at one time.
✅ Quality assurance.
✅ 6 part set. Built with ABS Plastic which are sturdy materials with long term durability.
✅ Used and approved by professionals.

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New and Improved Version! Brand new 6 part set capsule filling device suitable for size 000 capsules (1400 mg powder filling). Will make 100 at a time. Capsule filling board suitable for small pharmaceutical companies, hospital preparation room, clinics, pharmacies, pharmacy, nutritious health food stores, research institutes, laboratories and home for irrigation in Chinese medicine powder and western medicine powder, health materials loaded (filled) into the hollow capsules. Suitable for all professional grade lab use, university, personal use, sample testing, and etc.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 8 cm


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