We are committed to meet all food safety and quality requirements in our HDPE Bottles and Capsule supply. We achieve this by reviewing our products yearly and getting certifications for each batch to avoid sending inferior supplies to partnering companies. We supply loads of capsules and HDPE Bottles across the world every year via our outlets, spreading our vision for excellence in innovation.

Quality Control of Ingredients

Gelatin capsules have been in circulation for years, but the world is just recently learning about HPMC, and thus, the demand for its supply is surging. Hence, we are careful to put out only the best and premium HPMC capsules to the pharmaceutical industry.

Selling good-quality materials is essential, but beyond that, we, at Patco Pharma, go way beyond the minimum and aim at excellence. We also consider the local requirements of pharmaceutical industries at every sales point and adhere to all safety regulations. We also make sure to maintain high sterility levels without preservatives or sterilization. Our company packs supplies in tamper-proof packs, and we always get to our clients in good time.


With our firm adherence to all health protocols, we meet all drug safety and health laws in all states, which has helped us maintain a business partnership with all esteemed clients both at home and abroad. Our gelatin and HPMC capsules and HDPE bottles receive recognition worldwide, and we have a reputation for excellence and quality services. Most importantly, our supply always meets and exceeds client expectations. Patco Pharma firmly believes in building long-lasting business relationships, where clients become part of our business family. Therefore, we work our best and the hardest to establish such relationships with our esteemed clientele. Partnership with Patco Pharma comes with no downsides. In the pharmaceutical world, time is of the essence, and the quality production of medicines or dietary supplements is critical. Let us help you to be excellent at your production game and deliver the consumers' preferences at the right time. You can be sure of the quality, efficiency, and excellence of the products we supply. Patco Pharma is the answer to the pharmaceutical world's heart cry – we just make everything better.

Capsule Certifications and Guarantees

Approved by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Compliant with the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP)