300 Holes Manual SS Capsule Filling Machine - For Capsule size (400mg-1500mg) PP009-A

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Capsule Compatibility Size 000,00, 0, 1 (using different machines and parts)
Hole Pattern 25 x 12 (300 holes for efficient filling)
Loading Trays Three loading trays for better productivity
Overall Size Approximately 405mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 455mm (H)
Net Weight Approximately 43 Kgs
Gross Weight About 50 Kgs
Capsule Output Up to 6000 capsules per hour



Machine Type 300 Holes Capsule Filling Equipment
Design Designed for Pilot and Production Batches
Compliance Complies with GMP Criteria
Material Constructed with Stainless Steel
Capsule Compatibility Accommodates Capsules from Size 000 to 1
Easy Maintenance Easily Disassembled for Cleaning



Capsule Filling Applications Ideal for Filling Capsules with Powder, Pellets, Granules, and Tablets.
Industry Suitability Suitable for Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Biotech, Health Supplement, Food Products, and Cosmetics Industries
Capsule Compatibility Compatible with Hard Gelatin, HPMC, and Vegetable Capsules in Sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2


Available Versions:

Feature Details
Model Variants Standard Model, GMP Model, Stainless Steel 316 Model


Common Uses:

Feature Details
Applications Utilized in R&D Laboratories, Research Institutions, Herbal and Nutraceutical Preparations, Unani and Ayurvedic Medicines, Pilot Batch Manufacturing, and More



Process  Instructions
Step 1 Place empty capsules on the loading tray and insert the tray into the machine. Check the front knob; ensure it's turned to the right.
Step 2 Pull the locking lever forward. Depress the long handle to separate the capsule caps from the bodies. Set aside the tray with the caps.
Step 3 Push the locking lever back, causing the capsule bodies to descend and align with the filling surface.
Step 4 Position the powder tray on the filler to prevent powder spillage.
Step 5 Carefully pour and evenly distribute the pre-measured powder. Transfer any excess powder to the powder tray's shelf. Lower the tamper and secure it in place.
Step 6 Rotate the handle to compact the powder, allowing for greater powder capacity in each capsule.
Step 7 Raise the tamper and distribute any extra powder from the shelf into the capsules to ensure consistent fill weights.
Step 8 Return the tray with the caps to the filler. Rotate the front knob to the left and lower the locking plate. Engage the locking mechanism for the plate.
Step 9 Grasp the tamper handle and press down on the long handle. This action pushes the bodies into the caps, effectively locking all the capsules in a single step.
Step 10 Disengage the lock for the locking plate. Raise the locking plate and turn the front knob to the right.
Step 11 Push down on the long handle to remove the tray filled with completed capsules.
Step 12 The capsules are now filled. Rotate the tray, and all the capsules will be released from the tray.





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