200 Holes - Manual Empty Capsule Filling Machine - Size 00 Capsule (Upto 950mg Powder Filling)

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Product Details

  • Material: Durable 6-part set - ABS Plastic for long-term use (200 Holes)
  • Use: Fill up to 950mg (Size 00) of 200 empty capsules at once.
  • Quality: Trusted by professional lab use, universities, and personal use.


 What can one fill into a hard gelatin capsule?

You can fill the hard gelatin with basically every drug form. Fill them with powder either using a machine or by hand. To fill by hand, put the powder you want to fill on a clean sheet of paper, porcelain plate, or pill slate and pressing the open end of the capsule downward until it contains the appropriate amount of filling. You then place the cap on it to close the capsule. You can also fill in tablets and oils into the capsules. On large scale drug production, it is preferable to use machines in the drug filling process.

What are hard gelatin capsules used for in medicine?

A hard gelatin capsule usually contains medicine in the form of dry powder or tiny pellets. Oral drugs include hard gelatin capsules and tablets, among other drug forms.

How long is the shelf life of hard gelatin?

 It largely depends on maintenance. Hard gelatin can last for 5 years if you store it in a cool and dry place.

What is HPMC?

HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) is a new plant-based capsule that is 100% natural and comes from plant cellulose from poplar or pine. It is completely natural and is very safe for human consumption. Our company base in India produces these empty capsules that meet the drug safety requirements at home and abroad.

What are the uses of HPMC?

HPMC capsules have diverse functions. Some of these include its use as a bioadhesive, binder, visualizing agent coating polymer, as well as solid dispersion for improved solubility. HPMC has delay properties, making it the candidate vehicle for the administration of target drugs. It finds use as a starting material for coatings with medium strength, low moisture and oxygen barrier properties, resistance, transparency, and elasticity to fat and oil.

Where do we get products?

Our products mostly come from manufacturers based in India that have the consumers' interests at heart and seek to improve the pharmaceutical world by introducing new innovations. We also supply foreign products based on demand. Our goal is to eliminate delay in supply and improve the quality of drugs and other supplements, and so we give our esteemed clients the best of the pharmaceutical world.

Are HPMC and gelatin safe for human consumption?

We have certifications from the FDA and other bodies to prove that our capsules are safe for consumption and human health. HPMC is 100% natural, and our manufacturers use only the best raw materials for drug preparation. Gelatin is bovine-derived and economical but also very safe to use and consume.

Are there side effects of capsule use?

Every drug type has side effects, and most side effects encountered depend on the active drug within the capsule. Our products are allergen-free and high quality, and we guarantee that they are safe for use and consumption.

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